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Using an RF device, you can confirm Structure linkposting changes.



       1.      Choose Internal Warehouse Processes Posting Change.

The source screen appears.

       2.      To view further details on the posting change notice, chose Det.

       3.      To confirm the posting change at source, choose Save.

       4.      Choose Nxt. The destination screen appears.

       5.      To report a difference:


                            a.      Choose Diff. The Report Difference in Destination Quantities screen appears.

                            b.      Enter the actual quantity in the relevant field and choose Chk. The difference quantity is automatically calculated.

                            c.      Choose Conf to confirm the reported difference. You return to the destination screen.

       6.      Choose Save to confirm the posting change at destination.

The next posting change notice appears.

If there are no more posting change notices in the system, the message The system could not find a transfer order for execution appears.



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