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Choose the following menu paths:


Billing Processing


Menu path

What you need to know

Creating Billing Documents

Billing document ® Create

See Create billing document

Changing Billing Documents

Billing document ® Change

You can make only limited changes.

Before the system forwards the billing document to Financial Accounting, you can

change output and texts

carry out new pricing for the individual items or change the prices manually.

After the system forwards the billing document to Financial Accounting, you can only change the output and texts.

If you need to make other changes, you will have to cancel the billing document and create a new one.

Displaying Billing Documents

Billing document ® Display

You can also display changes to a billing document.

Displaying Changes to Billing Documents

Environment ® Changes

You can use this function when changing or displaying a billing document.

Displaying Billing Document from Archive

Billing document ® Display from Archive

You cannot view the following data:

Document flow


Partner details

Payment card data

Canceling billing document





1. Billing document ® Cancel

2. Edit ® Execute

If an error occurs (e.g. if the billing data was posted to the wrong accounts during forwarding to Financial Accounting), you can cancel the billing document.

Processing Billing Due List

Billing document ® Billing due list


Background processing of billing documents

Billing document ® Background processing



Display log for a billing run

Billing document ® Logs


Print billing document

Output ® Billing documents





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