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Representation of the task-related, functional structure of your enterprise, created using tools from the Organizational Management component.

The organizational plan differs from the administrative enterprise or personnel structure, whose structural elements are relevant to Payroll or Accounting (company code, personnel subarea, or employee group, for example). These structures are found in their corresponding components.


You can create several organizational plans in different Structure linkplan versions. This provides you with the following options in Structure linkOrganizational Management:

You can compare the current organizational plan with the planning scenarios and transfer data from the simulated structures into the current organizational plan.


You normally create organizational plans by assigning objects of the following types to each other:

If you are using your organizational plan for Workflow, the following object types are also available:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The main elements of an organizational plan are


Organizational plans are generally related to objects from other components.

These functional (organizational plan) and administrative (personnel and enterprise structures) structures come into contact if a person is assigned to an organizational plan (as the holder of a position) as well as to an enterprise or personnel structure (that is, to a personnel subarea and so on).

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