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If you are using Warehouse Management, you can use this function to transport materials to production bin locations, that are grouped into supply areas.

One of the main advantages of this functionality, is that employees on the shop floor can request the material required in the production process. The system generates a transfer requirement in the Warehouse Management System. Warehouse management is then responsible for staging the required materials by creating a transfer order from the transfer requirement. This occurs in the normal WM processing.


In order to use this functionality, you have to set up a WM / Production Planning interface.


You can find a detailed description of the WM / PP interface in the document Warehouse Management Guide (MM) under Structure link Goods Issue for Production Supply


Material staging offers you the following features:

To use the staging function, an order has to at least be partially released, at least one operation has to have been released.

You can start material staging with WM integration in the following ways:


In Customizing (production scheduling profile), you can choose the following options for creating transfer requirements:



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