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You have arranged with your vendor that that latter is to send you acknowledgments in respect of purchase orders or outline agreements received from your company. (Note: both kinds of acknowledgment are generally referred to as "order acknowledgments" in the system. The corresponding EDIFACT term is "order response" (ORDRSP).)

You have the option of working exclusively with acknowledgments. The acknowledgment is then purely informative in nature, since only the acknowledgment number is recorded in the system.

If you wish to receive different kinds of vendor confirmation, such as both order acknowledgments and shipping notifications (also known as advance shipping notices - ASNs), it is possible for quantities and dates to be entered in the system automatically).

For more information on this topic, refer to the MM Purchasing documentation ( Structure link Confirmations from the Purchasing Viewpoint and Structure link Receiving Confirmations via EDI).



To work with several categories of vendor confirmation, you must:

Under Confirmation sequence, you can:


Do not use a confirmation control key if you work exclusively with acknowledgments.

IDoc Interface

You have made the following settings for your EDI vendors in Customizing for Purchasing (Purchasing ® Messages ® EDI ® Set up Partner Profile):

Parameters for Inbound Messages




Partner type


Partner role


Message category


Process code



Initiate immediately or process via background program


When an acknowledgment is received in the form of an incoming EDI message, the system checks whether a confirmation control key has been entered in the relevant PO or outline purchase agreement.


An IDoc can always acknowledge one purchase order only. The acknowledgment relates to the PO item, not to any individual schedule lines.


When an acknowledgment is received via EDI, the system automatically checks quantities, prices, and dates. In checking quantities, it applies the over- and underdelivery tolerances set for the item. You can set tolerances for prices and delivery dates in Customizing for Purchasing under Set up Confirmation Control.

The tolerances you define apply to all vendors. Using the enhancement MM06E001 provided by SAP, you can specify that the tolerances do not apply to certain vendors.

If the acknowledged quantities, prices, and dates vary from those set out in the PO or purchase agreement, the system issues a warning message. In this case, the purchasing document is not updated.

For more information on this topic, refer to the section Structure link Error Correction (Receiving Confirmations via EDI) of the MM Purchasing documentation.


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