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Picking with Warehouse Management allows you to use the transfer order as the picking order.

This is possible in the following scenarios:

Implementation of the basic functions of the Warehouse Management module (WM) in simply-structured warehouses without stock management at storage bin level

The use of the WM transfer order as a picking order offers you the following advantages:

  1. Determining of target data for transfer orders
  2. Splitting transfer orders according to target data
  3. Printing transfer orders or transmitting them in IDoc format
  4. Determining actual data for picking with option of executing incentive wage calculations using the Human Resources (HR) module
  5. Confirming transfer orders

In addition, picking using Warehouse Management allows the use of wave picks as well as the use of dock doors and material staging areas in deliveries and transfer orders.


Future developments will only relate to picking with implementation of Warehouse Management. Picking without Warehouse Management will be maintained, but no longer developed.





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