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SAP ODA offers a number of functions that you can use to request data from automated process steps from within the SAP R/3 System and send parameters to control systems.

In the Production Planning – Process Industries (PP-PI) environment, OPC values and OPC events can be integrated in the PI sheet or manufacturing cockpit. From here, you can request actual data from automated process steps interactively and set parameters in the process control level. By reading and writing values automatically, errors that may occur during manual entry are reduced. You can, for example, read the temperature values of a production vessel and display them in the PI sheet. You can report a defective production vessel as an OPC event in the PI sheet. The process operator who maintains the PI sheet and has read the alarm, can take the necessary actions. He or she then acknowledges the alarm by executing his or her signature in the PI sheet.

SAP ODA is based on the OPC standards OPC Data Access and OPC Alarms and Events.

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You can use the following functions with SAP ODA:

In addition, SAP ODA provides the server browsing and namespace browsing functions, which support system administration.


Using SAP ODA, you can access OPC data from the following applications:

For more information about how the data is accessed from the above applications, see:





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