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Recipient of a ready-to-ship report.

You enter the report recipient directly when you ship a report. The following kinds of address management are supported:

Shipping of material safety data sheets (MSDS) is currently set up for MSDS recipients. For automatic report shipping you can use the address management in the SAP component Sales and Distribution (SD).

The SAP System selects the respective MSDS recipient using the SAP partner determination. The languages in which the report must be shipped are also linked to the recipient country.

You must differentiate between the report recipient and the ship-to-party.

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The following structure forms the basis for selecting the MSDS recipient for triggering automatic shipping.

In general, SAP differentiates between various types of business partners that participate in a business transaction in sales and distribution processing. The SAP System uses partner functions to differentiate between business partners (for example, customers, vendors, forwarding agents). These partner functions are grouped together using partner determination procedures and are assigned to the corresponding business partners via an account group. The obligatory partner function Safety Data Sheet Receiver (SR) exists for the MSDS recipient.

For report shipping, the partner determination procedure ship-to party material safety data sheet recipient (WESR) has been set up. In the standard system, the partner determination procedure WESR contains the obligatory partner functions MSDS recipient (SR) and ship-to party (WE). The ship-to party is generally also the MSDS recipient. This means that both partner functions with identical addresses are assigned as standard to a business partner that belongs to a particular account group.

As it is possible that the recipient of a report is not always the ship-to party, the SAP System allows you to enter a different address for the MSDS recipient or to specify a number of MSDS recipients.

You can define a number of contact persons for one MSDS recipient. If you have also assigned the function of contact person for material safety data sheets to a contact person, this contact person and not the higher-level business partner receives the relevant material safety data sheets from the SAP System.


You can use the environment parameter SRE_DS_SDSREC to set up the MSDS contact person function. For more information, see the IMG activity Specify Environment Parameters in Customizing for Product Safety.

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