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Automatic report shipping is currently possible for shipping material safety data sheets.

In many countries, the law specifies that recipients of chemical products must receive a material safety data sheet (MSDS) before a taking delivery of the products. The EH&S material safety data sheet management system automates this process and enables customers to fulfill legal requirements.

Shipping can be triggered either from the delivery or from the order. As the delivery follows the order, as standard the SAP System only carries out the complete shipping process after the shipping document has been posted. When posting a sales document, the SAP System simply checks whether a corresponding report can be selected after transferring data to the EH&S System. If necessary, the SAP System creates a report request.


In Customizing for Product Safety, the customer exit Develop Enhancement to Check MSDS Shipping allows you to set up the whole shipping process from the order.



Report shipping is controlled using the shipping reason.

Apart from the delivery note and material master data, the SAP System must be able to select the following data uniquely:

Process Flow

Material safety data sheet shipping is triggered using output control via condition technique. In this case, the output is the posting of a delivery document in the SAP component Sales and Distribution (SD), whose delivery item:

· Contains a material that is set in the material master as environmentally relevant

· Contains an item category to which an output determination procedure is assigned that contains the output type MSDS

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Automatic Triggering of MSDS Shipping in the SAP Component Sales and Distribution (SD)

Material safety data sheet shipping functions as follows:

  1. Procedure in the SAP component Sales and Distribution (SD)
  2. Delivery posting

    When saving a delivery in Sales, the system checks whether there is a material in the delivery for which the environmentally relevant indicator is set in the material master.

    Output selection

    If this is the case, output type MSDS is selected using a condition schema in Sales.

    Data transfer to EH&S

    When the output is processed, sales-specific data (for example, recipient data, sender data) is evaluated by the SAP System. When this is completed, it is transferred to the SAP component Product Safety.

  3. Procedure in the SAP component Product Safety (EH&S)
  4. Material-specification assignment check

    In EH&S, the specifications of which the material consists are determined using the material-specification assignment.

    Check whether the exclusion indicator is not set

    The SAP System then only cancels material safety data sheet shipping for a specification if:

    – The MSDS shipping not required exclusion indicator is set for the specification

    – The rating for this value assignment also matches the rating that you have defined in Customizing as an environment parameter


    The rating CUSTOMER is defined for the environment parameter SRE_DS_CHECK_VALID. The MSDS shipping not required exclusion indicator was set in the value assignment and the rating was also set to CUSTOMER. The European Union was entered as the validity area for the value assignment. This means the report is not shipped if the country of the ship-to party belongs to the European Union. If the country of the ship-to party is, for example, the USA, the value assignment is invalid and the report is shipped.

    Generation variant selection

    You select the generation variant for the report you want to send using the condition schema for EH&S report shipping.

    Report selection

    The report is selected according to the following criteria:

    See Report Selection.

    – Generation variant

    – Language; determined according to the recipient country

    – Key date on which the report data is valid

    The key date can be defined in the IMG activity Specify Key Date for Shipping in Customizing for Product Safety.

    – Specification


    The version of the report that is determined in this way is only a draft version. If you have set the check indicator in the IMG activity Specify Shipping Reasons under shipping reason, before generating the report ready for shipping the SAP System checks whether a newer released version of the report has since been created for the above key date.

    Report shipping order

    A report shipping order is generated with the selected report and the MSDS recipient determined by Sales.

    – The shipping reason for this report shipping order is set automatically by the system (SD_CALL).

    – You can make settings for the shipping time in the IMG activity Specify Key Date for Shipping in Customizing for Product Safety.

    You can enter a shipping lead time depending on the recipient country in the IMG activity Assign Language and Lead Time to Country. (To ensure the material safety data sheet is delivered on time, it is a good idea to send the material safety data sheet, for example, two days before goods issue.)

    – The sales organization is used as initiator (sender) of the shipping order.

    The newly generated report shipping order is created in the send log with the initial status defined for the shipping reason. The initial status Created requires you to release the report manually, whereas with the initial status Released, processing of the report shipping order starts as soon as the shipping time is reached.

  5. Activities in EH&S if no report is found for the selection parameters:

Report request creation

The SAP System creates a report request in the report management worklist.

Creating a report shipping order

The SAP System also creates and processes a report shipping order.

Release check

Before generating the ready-to-ship report, the SAP System checks if the report request has resulted in a released report.

If the report is not yet released, the SAP System sets the status of the report shipping order to Errors. When the report is finally released, you can set the report shipping order manually to the status In work using the function Restart.


Further processing of the released report shipping order starts as soon as the shipping time is reached (see Output Data in SD).

All further steps that are required for creating a report shipping order are then carried out in the SAP component Product Safety.

The standard check filters the shipping of material safety data sheets according to regulatory requirements (see Report Shipping Order Checking).




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