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See Report Shipping.



You can improve the performance of inbound document shipping if, when programming, you ensure that when importing inbound documents, a Postscript file is additionally created for each *.PDF file. This means that in inbound shipping, the required *.PS files are immediately available and do not have to be created.

See Report Shipping with and without Specification References.

Process Flow

  1. Creating a report shipping order

The report shipping order is the central object in report shipping. It contains all parameters that are used to define and control report shipping:

Manual report shipping is started from the report information system for reports with and without a specification reference.

Creating reports automatically includes the following:

A report shipping order is also created automatically when exporting reports and printing (see Report Export: Process).

  1. Controlling the report shipping order using user exits

From its creation to shipping, the report shipping order passes through various stations in the form of user exits:

See Report Shipping Status Network


In addition to these user exits you can create your own function modules in the IMG activity Manage User Exits.

  1. Checking the report shipping order manually

You check the current status of your report shipping order using the shipping log. See Processing Report Shipping Orders.

You can specify that the report shipping order automatically passes through the report shipping status network. You can also start report shipping orders with the initial status Created (CR) in the background. In this case, you must edit the report shipping orders manually before the start by carrying out either the Accept or Reject functions. See Changing the Status of the Report Shipping Order.

You can also set the following in the IMG activity Specify Shipping Reasons in Customizing for Product Safety:

It is important to check reports during output as errors may occur when printing reports, due to paper being stuck in the printer, lack of toner, and so on.

Acknowledgements of receipt must be signed by the recipient and returned to you as the sender.

You can reset the status of rejected and failed report shipping orders and reset communication type and printer parameters in the shipping header. See Processing Report Shipping Order Headers.


You use a user exit to save the completed report shipping order:

Saving of Report Shipping Orders



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