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See Report Information System


In report shipping, the SAP System also checks if the user has authorization for the sales organization to which the report is to be sent.

Process Flow

Access and Searches

You can access the report information system in several ways:

A selection screen is displayed where you can determine reports according to various criteria. All reports found are displayed in a report tree (see Report Trees).

You can also select inbound documents with the aid of criteria such as by specification, report category, or report generation variant.

The SAP System enables you to branch to the report information system hit list from various specification displays. The reports and inbound documents assigned to the relevant specifications are displayed. You can access the report information system as follows:

You can call the report information system from a number of areas in Industrial Hygiene and Safety. In each case, the reports are displayed whose generation variant matches the current report application. You can access the report information system as follows:

If you call the report information system from the applications in the SAP component Sales and Distribution, the relevant reports for each Material object are displayed. The report information system can be called from the following applications by RFC (remote function call):

Displaying and Printing Reports

Reports are displayed and printed in Microsoft Word. The SAP System assigns default values for the symbol type Parameter (see Default Parameters for Reports).


You can print the report in Word.

In addition, you can select several reports in the report tree. You then send them to an SAP System printer via the R/3 spool system.

Shipping and Exporting Reports

If you have the appropriate authorization, you can send reports with or without a reference to a specification and inbound reports.

You can also use the export function.


Using the Report Information System

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