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In report management and the report information system, you can use default parameters to fill symbols of symbol type Parameter with valid values for displaying and printing reports so that the user need not enter values manually.


The SAP System determines the currently valid values for symbols of symbol type Parameter at the shipping stage.


You have made the following settings in Customizing for Product Safety.


Default Parameters

For the user exit, function modules are delivered with the standard system that determine the appropriate values for an initiator (sales organization) or material number. You must distinguish between the following parameter symbols:

The default parameter value for the material name is determined as follows:

Temporary Overwriting

In report management, you can overwrite the default parameters manually. In the report information system, overwriting is forbidden as standard. However, you can set up this option with the appropriate authorization.

The changed values are not stored. They are only used for the current transaction.


Overwriting Default Parameter Values

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