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Reports are displayed in report management in a hierarchical tree structure. As standard, you can choose the following report applications as views:

You can define other report applications in the IMG activity Specify Report Applications in Customizing for Product Safety.


You can select reports with a specification reference in report management or the report information system.

You can only open reports without a reference to a specification, for example, accident reports, in the report information system.

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Specification View

The data is arranged as follows:

You can display each report or display additional information for it (for example, on the status log or report size).

Material View

If you start directly in the material view, you will only be shown reports to which a material is assigned via the material-specification assignment. The material is displayed as the top branch in the material view:

Work Area View

In the work area view, the work area to which the report is assigned is displayed as the top branch. Reports from the work area can be with or without a reference to a specification or specification of the specification category agent.

If an agent is used in several work areas, the reports for this work area are displayed in the report tree several times; once for each work area.

Person Affected View

In the view for the person affected, the accident event to which the generation variant is assigned is displayed as the top branch. The object Accident event is made up of the incident/accident log entry and the address number of the person affected.

The accident report does not contain any specification data, therefore the generation variant and the assigned report appear directly beneath the accident event.


Changing Views

Using the Toggle view (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) function you can toggle between the views in the report tree.

The prerequisite for displaying an additional branch in the called view is that the report template contains symbols for the report application to which the view is assigned.

Assigning a Specific Object Key

If you toggle between the views, it is possible that you may choose a view in which the SAP System cannot find an assignment between a report and the object that belongs to this view.

If symbols for the report application of the object are created on the report template, however, the SAP System displays the text DEFAULT KEY as the object key. If you choose Utilities ® Change default key you can assign a specific object key to the object. For this, the object key must have been created in the SAP System.

If no symbols are created on the report template for the object's report application, the branch with the text DEFAULT KEY is not displayed.



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