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Inbound documents are reports that were not generated in your SAP System. They were generated in an external system (that may also be an SAP System) and imported into your SAP System.

In theory, all document formats can be imported, provided the format has been set up in Customizing for the Document Management System (DMS). When importing, a key file must also exist for the report file. The key file defines the assignments to the report generation variant, the language, and the specification.

See Report Import: Process


You will mostly import inbound reports if you want to transfer reports that already exist in legacy systems, or if you want to manage reports that have been sent to you.

After being imported, the inbound report keeps the initial status as defined in the generation variant header, and is managed in exactly the same way as a report generated in the SAP System. The import date is used as the key date. You can use the versioning function of report management to assign a start version to the inbound report.

You can display inbound reports in report management and the report information system in any format, provided the corresponding application is installed on your front end.

You can also send inbound reports, irrespective of their format. See Setting Up Shipping of Reports in Any Format.



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