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You generate final reports (also known as "reports to be shipped" or "ready-to-ship reports") from a report (SBR). The system uses the following criteria to select the appropriate report:

If the report was created for the report application Specification master (object Specification), for example, the selection is made according to the specification.

The following report applications and objects exist as standard:

Report Application


Specification master

Specification, agent

Material master


Work area

Work area

Person affected

Accident event (comprises the key for the incident/accident log entry and the address number of the person involved)

The generation variant is assigned to the report template. The SAP System automatically determines all report applications for which symbols were created on the report template and assigns these report applications to the generation variant. Via the symbol group for symbols, function modules are defined in the IMG activity Specify Report Symbol Groups that determine default values for the parameter symbols of the report template when the final report is generated (see Default Parameters for Reports).

The SAP System expands all other data when it generates the final report. This data does not originate from the SAP component Product Safety but from other SAP components and completes the report. Data from other components may, for example, be:

See also:

Expansion Time


Reports with Reference to a Specification

The system enables you to provisionally simulate final reports with specification references and to check the layout (see Testing Layouts).

The SAP System also generates final reports:

Reports Without Reference to a Specification

The SAP System generates final reports:

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