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Creating and processing a report is dependent on whether the report template used contains specification symbols.

Reports with Reference to a Specification

The report (also known as "report body") results as the first generation stage following a report request.

After the first generation stage, the report passes through the stages of the report management status network, in accordance with the generation variant indicators. Once released, the report is available for report shipping in the report information system.

Reports Without Reference to a Specification

If no specification symbols are included in the layout of a document template, the report template is immediately handled as a released report after the generation variant was assigned to the document template. The released report is available for display and report shipping in the report information system.

As the first generation stage is skipped, the report is technically available in the report information system with the document type SBV (report template). All symbols in this report are only expanded when the final report version (SBE) is generated.

See also Expansion Time.


Reports with Reference to a Specification

Report management supports you in all steps required for processing reports with references to specifications until they are released. Report management ensures here that you can check the contents of a report at any time without having to access the specification database. Formatting the document is much faster because the content of the document does not have to be read from the specification database again.

Reports with or without Reference to a Specification

Released reports can be sent and thus generated as final reports.

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