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You use document templates to specify the layout of reports with and without references to specifications. In the SAP System, in addition to report templates, you can also create cover sheet templates and acknowledgement of receipt templates.


Process Flow

  1. You can carry out the following activities in the initial document template management screens:

See also Document Types in Reporting.

  1. The results of the search are displayed in the hit list. In the hit list, you then process the document templates further and create new ones.
  1. When you create a document template, you first enter the data for the document template header (see Editing Document Templates).

You can copy an existing document template as a template.

You can enter a description for the document template in different languages.


For report templates with specification symbols, you can test a simulation of the expanded layout of the report and print it if required. The report template must have the status Released or In work.


You cannot simulate reports without references to specifications, cover sheets, and acknowledgements of receipts before they have been generated to produce the final version (see also Final Report – Ready-to-Ship Report (SBE)).



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