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You use this object to categorize specifications according to their use and significance in companies in more detail.


Each specification belongs to exactly one specification category and one specification type. Specification categories are divided into specification types. This means that by its assignment to a specification type, a specification of a specification category is assigned its exact role in an enterprise.

You assign a specification type to a specification when you create it. You define the specification types in the IMG activity Specify Specification Types in Customizing for Product Safety. For each specification type you then specify the following:


The following specification types are supplied with the standard system for the specification category Substance:

A real substance is one that is physically present in a company.

In the standard system, you can assign one or more materials to the real substance. You can assign values to the value assignment types of a real substance, or transfer values from listed substances using references or inheritance.

Real substance groups are used to represent families of real substances with the same properties.

A listed substance is a substance whose properties are described in laws and scientific literature.

Unlike real substances, listed substances are not produced, traded, or used. You can use a listed substance as a "properties model" for a real substance by assigning the listed substance as the source specification in a reference or inheritance relationship.

Listed substance groups are used to represent families of listed substances with the same properties.

Copy templates contain predefined value assignments. You can use them to create new specifications for substances.



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