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You can use the Document Relationship Browser (DRB) to display linked objects or documents. The DRB groups cross-application objects that belong to a process chain or to a business transaction.


Depending on the object type that you want to display, you are using the corresponding application component. If the DRB is to access archived data, you have made the required settings in the archive information system (AS). For more information, see Document Relationship Browser (DRB).


  1. Start one of the functions linked to the DRB. Most of these functions have been grouped together in the role SAP_DRB.


These are usually functions that enable you to search for specific documents and that provide a list of documents that fulfill certain criteria.

  1. A list of documents appears.
  2. Depending on the relevant application, you can use at least one of the following options for displaying linked documents :
  1. The Document Relationship Browser screen appears. The link tree contains a hierarchical display of the objects you have selected and the objects linked to this initial object. If required, you can expand additional links.
  1. Select the required object by double-clicking on it and the individual object display appears.



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