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  1. In the Billing screen select Billing document ® Logs.
  2. Enter the required selection criteria and select Execute.
  3. Place the cursor on the required line and choose Documents.
  4. Choose Cancel all.


All billing documents in collective processing are canceled. The cancellation billing documents created in this way are sumarized under a collective processing number of collective processing type S and can be seen in Billing document ® Logs

Using the described procedure, previous documents from the canceled billing documents can be billed again as normal.


You want to bill the orders for a customer. You start the collective run. The system creates an invoice for three of the four sales orders, although you wanted to create an invoice for all four orders. You receive a system message that tells you why you could not create an invoice for all four orders: An order is blocked for the billing document because pricing must still be checked. Here you should cancel the collective run, check the blocked order and, if possible, release it. Now you start the collective run again. You get one collective invoice for all of the customer orders.



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