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This section describes other components of logical databases that you may want to change.

Selection Texts

The selection texts, that is, the texts displayed with the input fields on the selection screen, are normally the names of the selection criteria and parameters. These texts are maintained separately from the logical database as Structure link text elements. The user interface of a logical database is therefore independent of the language in which it was created. Instead, it always appears in the logon language of the current user.


Logical databases are reusable modules that can be used by a wide range of application programs. You should therefore ensure that they are adequately documented.

Authorization Objects

To create a list of authorization objects that are checked in the database program, choose Extras ® Authorization objects.

Checking Logical Databases

To check whether a logical database is correct and complete, choose Check from the initial screen of the Logical Database Builder. The result of the check includes:





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