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In costing-based profitability analysis a considerable part of the application is not generated until you set up the system. This is also true of the archiving objects and related standard field catalogs and archive information structures.

All of the tables, programs and other objects that are generated when you implement profitability analysis depend on the operating concern as the organizational unit of profitability analysis.


The following is generated for operating concern ABCD:

Archiving Object COPA1_ABCD

Field Catalog SAP_DRB_PA1ABCD

Information Structure SAP_DRB_PA1ABCD

To make archived costing-based profitability analysis line items accessible to the DRB, you should activate and construct archive information structure SAP_DRB_PA1ABCD.


There is no difference in this way this structure functions compared to other archive information structures for field catalog SAP_DRB_PA1ABCD. That being the case, there is usually no point in creating other archive information structures for this field catalog.



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