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Units of Measure for Pick Parts and Release Order Parts

When you create transfer requirements for material staging of pick parts or release order parts, you can select the unit of measure that the system is to use in the pull list. From the Create Transfer Requirement screen, choose Edit, then Unit of Measure.

The system displays the quantities entered in the pull list in the unit of measure you select there, and it creates transfer requirements in material staging in the selected unit of measure.

The next time material staging is called, the system automatically proposes the selected unit of measure.

Setting a Default Unit of Measure for Material Staging

To set a default unit of measure for material staging, choose Tools ® Administration ® User Maintenance ® Users. In Parameters, enter one of the following parameter values for parameter ID "LMB":

Unit of Measure for Crate Parts

When you define the control cycle for crate parts, you can enter the container quantity in any unit of measure. The system stages the crate part in the unit of measure defined in the control cycle.



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