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A procurement alternative presents the different options for procuring a material. You can choose the level of detail used to create the procurement alternative by defining the Controlling level. Single-level and multilevel procurement alternatives are differentiated according to process category. Purchase Order, for example, is single-level procurement and Production is multilevel procurement.

For more information, see Procurement Processes.

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Procurement alternatives are used, for example, as follows:


The procurement process for the process category Production is called production process. If the Material Ledger is active with multilevel actual costing, every production order is assigned to a production process. If a goods receipt from an order is posted to a material, that goods receipt is then assigned to the associated procurement alternative. In the following graphic, the goods receipt for order 0001 is assigned to procurement alternative Production Version 2.


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As shown in the graphic, procurement alternatives are situated hierarchically under process categories.

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