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If you cancel a request for kanban replenishment in production, there are several possible situations that may require corresponding actions in PP and/or WM.

The following table provides an overview of the procedure you should follow when a kanban request is cancelled in PP.


If you cancel the kanban request in PP and…


The transfer requirement (TR) is still open…

The system sets the status to ‘completed’. The kanban indicator is removed, canceling the transfer requirement.

A transfer order (TO) has been generated for the TR but has not been confirmed…

In each TO item, the system notes that replenishment was cancelled.

When the TO item is confirmed, the system informs you of the cancellation process in the kanban.

  • The physical movement of goods has not yet taken place…
  • Cancel the TO and set the TR to "completed". When the "completed" indicator is set, the system deletes the reference in the TR and in the kanban.
  • The goods have already been moved to production…
  • Decide whether to leave the goods in production or move them back into the warehouse.
  • If you leave the goods in production…
  • Adjust the kanban quantity in the container in PP and take this into consideration when you trigger the next kanban signal for the same material.
  • Confirm the TO in WM.
  • Set the TR to "completed".
  • If you move the goods back into the warehouse…
  • If you move the goods back to the source storage bin, cancel the TO and set the corresponding TR to "completed".
  • If you cannot move the goods back to the source storage bin, confirm the TO with the actual quantity "0" and post it using its own difference indicator to another storage bin.
  • From this storage bin, you can either place the goods back into the warehouse or use them for the next kanban replenishment.
  • Set the TR to "completed".


If you cancel a transfer requirement for which no transfer order has been created, the system deletes the reference to the kanban and the kanban indicator in the transfer requirement.

In the kanban, the system resets the transfer requirement number and the status of the kanban container. Even if you delete a transfer requirement, the system resets the reference to the requested replenishment in the kanban.



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