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You can create and use condition indices. You can use these indices to display, change and create condition records with reference. This transaction can include condition records with several condition types and tables. For example, you can use a condition index if you want to see all condition records that apply to a particular product regardless of whether the records are prices or discounts. In this case, you can use one of the standard condition indexes. Or you may want to see a list of condition records that contain a particular sales deal and a material from a user-specified list of products. To display this information, you can create your own condition index.

Creating an Index

Creating a condition index is similar to creating a condition table. In Customizing for Sales, you select the combination of fields that you want in the index key. The system automatically proposes a list of permitted fields to choose from. The fields you specify for the key can have a maximum combined length of 100 characters. Further information on creating an index can be found in the IMG (Implementation Guide).

Reorganizing an Index

Reorganization means updating an index with current data. The following are examples of when this might be required.


Please note that since the system has to read all the relevant condition records, reorganization is automatically submitted as a background task.

Activating an Index

The activation function displays a list of all available condition indexes and indicates which are active. The system can use a condition index only when it is activated. Before you can use the indexes that are delivered in the standard version, you must first activate them in Customizing for Sales. Some indices are activated automatically during generation. In addition, you must specify one of the following index updating requirements for each condition index:

Controlling Index Update by Condition Type

You can specify for each condition type whether or not the system updates the condition indexes when you post condition records. In cases where updating condition indexes may not be necessary - for example, with freight- and tax-related condition records - you can leave the condition index indicator blank.

Selecting Condition Records Using an Index

After you have defined a condition index and the system has updated it with current data, you can use it to search condition records.


To select condition records using an index:

  1. Choose Logistics ® Sales and Distribution ® Master Data from the main menu.
  2. Choose Conditions ® Select using index and specify whether you want to change or display condition records.
  3. A dialog box displays the condition indexes that are currently available.

  4. Select the condition index you want to use and choose ENTER.
  5. You reach the screen where you enter selection criteria.

  6. Enter your selection criteria and choose Execute.

The system displays a list of the condition records by condition type for the selection criteria you entered.



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