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This process describes how you determine, when materials are to be made available in your production process.


The following data already exists in the system:

Process flow

  1. In case you have not already done so, you assign the material to be produced to the routing.
  2. You assign the material components or phantom assemblies in your BOM to the operations in the routing, in which they are to be staged.
  3. According to the item category of the assigned components you make further decisions about their processing (for example, backflushing of stock items).

  4. You check the consistency of the material component assignment.
  5. You save the routing.


You can assign a routing material components from several BOMs or alternative BOMs, by repeating this process. In this case when you create a production order, you select the BOM and thus which material components are to be assigned in the production order. The system can do this automatically, depending on the settings


Material components in a BOM that are not assigned to an operation in the routing are automatically assigned to the first operation when you create a production order.

If you have assigned a phantom assembly to an operation in a routing, the system automatically assigns all of the material components in the phantom assembly to the same operation as the phantom assembly when you create a production order.

If you have assigned individual material components from the phantom assembly to various operations without also allocating the phantom assembly, the system assigns the material components that have not been assigned and the phantom assembly to the beginning of the first operation when you create a production order.




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