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The following factors determine how a BOM is exploded:

BOM Usage

When you create a BOM, you must enter a usage. This usage defines which application areas (for example, sales and distribution, engineering/design, or production) a BOM can be exploded in. For example, the standard R/3 System supports usage 1 for BOM explosion in production. A BOM with usage 3 is relevant to sales and distribution, too.

The usage determines which indicators are active in the Item status dataset of BOM maintenance functions. This is where you specify whether BOM items are relevant to Sales or Production, for example.


The BOM explosion is influenced by the application entered in the configuration profile. The application determines which usages of a BOM can be exploded and in which order of priority.

You enter the application for exploding the BOM in the configuration profile. However, please note that you can also enter an application for a sales order item category. This entry overwrites the setting in the configuration profile. Check the settings for the item category in Customizing for Sales and Distribution, by choosing Sales ® Sales Documents ® Sales Document Items ® Define item categories.

If you select the Sales order process in the configuration profile, ensure that the application supports explosion of sales-relevant BOMs and that sales-relevant BOMs have the highest priority.



You define an application that explodes first usage 1 and then usage 3. When you explode the BOM, the system first checks whether a BOM with usage 1 exists. If a BOM with usage 1 does exist, the BOM is exploded. If no BOM with usage 1 exists, the system checks whether a BOM of usage 3 exists.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Handling in the Sales Order

Filters in the Configuration Profile

In the configuration profile, you can define filters so that only certain items are displayed (see Filters for BOM Explosion).




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