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If you assign the manufacturing orders with which co-products are manufactured to a cost object hierarchy, you must first distribute the actual costs for the cost object hierarchy.


  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product Cost Controlling ® Cost Object Controlling ® Product Cost by Order ® Period-End Closing ® Single Functions ® Preliminary Settlement for Co-Products, Rework ® Individual Processing or Collective Processing


In Product Cost by Period you always perform the function Preliminary Settlement for Co-Products, Rework for the object cost object hierarchy.

The screen Preliminary Settlement for Co-Products, Rework appears.

  1. Enter the required data.
  2. Set the indicators for processing control as desired.
  3. Choose Preliminary Settlement ® Execute.


Rework orders are settled to their original order.

Costs that were incurred in the manufacture of co-products are distributed from the order header to the order item.

Schedule Manager: Worklist Monitor

If you are using the generalized worklist, you can edit the objects that have errors in the monitor of the worklist. For more information, see Worklist Monitor ff.

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