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You have created a conversion proposal.


You can create a mapping plan for a data transfer program (program, BAPI, or function module) and the corresponding target structure and store it as a text file.

This text file contains all target structures in table format and can be used as the basis for the creation of conversion rules.


  1. In the Data Transfer Workbench, choose Goto ® DX Tools. The Data Transfer - Tools screen appears.
  2. Choose a program type and program/method for an object type and the corresponding task type.
  3. Create a mapping plan by choosing Goto -> Mapping Plan.
  4. The list displayed contains all the fields from the target structure and other columns in which you can maintain the assignment to the source fields.
  5. Save the list by choosing the relevant pushbutton or System -> List -> Save -> Local file, in the menu.
  6. A dialog box where you can choose the file type is displayed. Choose the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text (Continue) pushbutton to display the dialog box in which you can specify the file name. The file is stored on your local PC.
  7. Create the file.


You have created the target structures as a file. You can open and maintain or print the file using an Office program (Excel, for example).





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