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You can use this function to create the billing request for a sales/service order or a customer project.

For more information, see Structure link Resource-Related Billing.


For information on the prerequisites, see:

Structure link Billing Process (CS)

Structure link Billing Process (PS)


  1. Choose one of the following menu paths:
  2. Component

    Menu Path

    Customer Service (CS)

    Logistics ® Customer Service ® Service Processing ® Completion ® Create Billing Request ® Individual Processing.

    Sales and Distribution (SD)

    Logistics ® Sales and Distribution ® Sales ® Order ® Subsequent Functions ® Resource-Related Billing Document.

    Project System (PS)

    Logistics ® Sales and Distribution ® Sales ® Order ® Subsequent Functions ® Resource-Related Billing Document.

    The system displays the Resource-Related Billing Request: Initial Screen.

  3. Specify the sales order or service order for which you want to create a billing request. If you want the billing request only to cover particular items from the order, specify the items.
  4. To display the billing request for further processing, choose Extras ® Settings and select Show billing request after save.
  5. For more information on the settings, see Structure link Settings: Sales Pricing and Billing.

  6. You can create the billing request in one of the following ways:
    1. To copy data to the billing request directly from the system, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Billing Request.
    2. The system generates a billing request for the sales/service order.

    3. If you want to edit the data from the system copied to the billing request, choose one of the processing views.

For more information, see:

Structure link Processing the Expenditure View

Structure link Processing the Sales Price View

If you did not select the Show billing request after save indicator, a message appears in the status line, telling you that the billing request was created successfully.

If you did select the indicator, the system displays the Change Billing Request: Overview screen.


The system uses the Structure link DI processor to summarize the costs from the sales/service order into dynamic items. When valuing the dynamic items, the system takes account of the conditions and prices defined in SD.

It t akes the currencies from the CO documents (object currency) or customer master (transaction currency).

Choose Extras ® Settings to stipulate which currency (controlling area currency, object currency, or transaction currency is relevant for the individual items.

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