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Two periods that are crucial to time evaluation.


The time wage types that have been determined in time evaluation are passed on to payroll and are used there to calculate the gross wage. Payroll is run periodically; the periodicity can differ according to the payroll area.


Payroll area D1 - Salaried employees - payroll periodicity: monthly

Payroll area D2 - Hourly paid employees - payroll periodicity: weekly

The time wage types which have been generated for the current payroll period are required to run the payroll. In order to perform retroactive accounting, the payroll report must also be supplied with the time wage types determined for the previous period. The time wage types are stored in cluster B2 for each period so that they can be accessed easily.

The periodicity of time evaluation is referred to as the time evaluation period. Unlike the payroll period, the time evaluation period is not defined according to the payroll area, but is determined globally for the whole of time evaluation when you customize the system. In the standard system, the time evaluation period is one month. We strongly discourage you to use any other period. For more information, see the SAP Note 555588.


When the time evaluation results are imported to payroll (function IMPRT, parameter 2 = B2), payroll takes the time wage types that it requires for processing. In this case it does not matter whether the time evaluation period and the payroll period match. This means that an identical periodicity of the payroll and time evaluation period is not required.

In time evaluation, you can define rules that you can use to execute processing at the end of the payroll period, on a particular day in the payroll period, or at the end of the time evaluation period. You can use the IF function in the schema to query the end of the relevant period or a particular day of the payroll period.

Query the end of the period






If end of time evaluation period has been reached, ..





End function of condition at end of processing block



If end of payroll period has been reached, ...





End function of condition at end of processing block


For more information about functions, see: Schemas and Functions in Time Evaluation.



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