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You can use this component to coordinate the exchange of production-relevant data between the R/3 System and the R/3-independent production level. The production level can be controlled as follows:

To settle a process order, the actual quantities produced and the time needed must be confirmed from production. Process management supports the direct confirmation from the PI sheet and process control system to the process order by sending process messages to predefined message destinations.

Implementation Considerations

Install this component in process manufacturing companies.


If You Want to

You also Need

Exchange data between the R/3 System and a process control system

PP - PI-PCS Interface

Carry out quality inspections during production

QM - Quality Management

Post goods movements to inventory management

MM - Inventory Management

Create a batch during production or
assign values to batch characteristics during production

LO - Batch Management

Send maintenance data to plant maintenance via the PI-PCS interface

PM - Plant Maintenance


You can store production-relevant data as process instructions in the Structure link process order. In the phases of the order, you specify whether the information is to be forwarded to a process operator or process control system.

Once the process order has been released for production and has been saved, the production-relevant data is combined in control recipes and sent to process management.

Process management receives the control recipes and sends them to the process operator or process control system responsible.

After the process operator or process control system has carried out the production steps, process messages containing the current production times and quantities are automatically created in the PI sheet or process control system.

The process messages with the reported data is first sent to process management where they are checked and passed on to the corresponding process message destinations provided the check was successful. In addition to R/3 applications, message destinations may also be persons, programs, and machines.

In addition to this, process management comprises the message monitor and control recipe monitor, tools that you can use to monitor the processing status of messages and control recipes. Furthermore, message and control recipe logs document the processing status of messages and control recipes.

In unexpected situations, such as malfunctions, you can also create process messages manually in process management and send them from there.

The following summarizes the functions supported by process management:


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