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Process orders are the main element used for the detailed planning and execution of process manufacturing.

A process order describes the production of batches (materials) in a production run or the rendering of services. It is generated from the master recipe and contains all the information specified during process planning.

You use a process order to plan the quantities, dates, and resources of the manufacturing process, to control process order execution, and to define rules for the account assignment and settlement of the costs incurred.

In PP-PI, process orders perform the same function as production orders in PP.

Implementation Considerations

Install this component in process manufacturing companies.


If you want to

Then you must install the component

Plan material usage during the process

Material Master (LO-MD)

Plan how the resources are to be used during the process

Resources (PP-PI-MD)

Plan the external processing of steps in the process

Purchasing (MM-PUR)

Plan quality inspections during production

Quality Planning (QM-PT)

Provide data for process control

Process Management (PP-PI-PMA)

Prepare cost determination using the master recipe




This component comprises all functions for order processing and order closing.





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