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You can use this component to describe an enterprise-specific process in process industries without relating to a specific order.

Master recipes are mainly used for planning the manufacture of products. However, you can also use them to describe the clean-out or changeover of a production line.

Master recipes are used as a reference for process orders as well as the basis for product costing.

The approval procedure for master recipes and the functions for planning and documenting changes enable you to meet the most important requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Implementation Considerations

Install this component in process manufacturing companies if you want to provide the planning of your manufacturing processes as master data that does not relate to a specific order and can thus be used for several purposes.


If you want to

You must also install the R/3 component

Plan material usage during the process

Material Master (LO-MD-MM)

Plan how the resources are to be used during the process

Resources (PP-PI-MD-RSC)

Plan the external processing of steps in the process

Purchasing (MM-PUR)

Plan quality inspections during production

Quality Planning (QM-PT)

Provide data for process control

Process Management (PP-PI-PMA)

Prepare cost determination using the master recipe

Controlling (CO)

Plan recipe changes, document them, or make them subject to a specific approval procedure

Engineering Change Management (LO-ECH)

Classify master recipes and define conditions for resource selection in the process order

Classification System (CA-CL)

The basic structure of the master recipe in the R/3 System is identical to that of the following objects:

For this reason, it is grouped with these objects under the generic term task list and marked as task list type 2.


The features of this component were defined in accordance with the international standards of the European Batch Forum (EBF), the norms working committee for measuring and control techniques in the chemical industry (NAMUR) as well as in accordance with standard S88 of the Instrument Society of America (ISA). In a master recipe, you plan:

In addition, you use process instructions to provide information that is collected during production and is required by process control to carry out the process.





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