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You use resources to manage the objects and persons involved in the production process in your enterprise.

In a resource, important data is defined concerning

A resource may be, for example:

Implementation Considerations

Install this component in process manufacturing companies.


You assign resources to operations and phases in the Structure link master recipe and in Structure link process orders to specify with whom or at which parts of the plant a processing step is carried out. Data managed in the resource serves as a basis for scheduling, capacity requirements planning, and costing.

If you want to

You also need

Classify resources

Classification System (CA-CL)

Calculate the costs of operating resources

Controlling (CO)

Choose people and their qualifications for a resource

Personnel System (HR)


The Term "Resource"

In PP-PI, resources perform the same function as work centers do in PP.


For technical reasons, you will sometimes come across the term "work center" instead of "resource" in the system. This is particularly the case in Customizing, since here the settings are usually carried out for both applications together.

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