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An R/3 system can receive and process stock and sales data transferred by EDI using the message category PROACT. This enables a manufacturer, for example, to receive the current stock and sales data from a customer so that the manufacturer can plan replenishments for the customer.


The data received is updated in the Information System and in the article master data for Replenishment.



The set of data received is processed automatically by the system. Before standard processing begins, the system calls the user exit EXIT_SAPLWVMI_002 which you can use to change and process data as required. You use a special transaction to display the data of the inbound IDoc.

In the standard version of R/3, the information received is processed as follows:

The customer sales data is adopted in information structure S130. Separate fields exist for regular and promotional stock data. A separate version of the information structure exists for updating historical data and one for updating forecast data. The standard configuration contains the following versions:

You can change these Customizing settings in the general control parameters for Replenishment (consumption-based planning section). The sender data is converted in line with the periods defined in the information structure of the recipient (i.e. your system).

Stock data is updated in the Replenishment article master data, and can be used, for example, to plan replenishments for a customer.

The open purchase order quantity is also adopted in the article data of Replenishment. You can display this data in the parameter overview screen of Replenishment.


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