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You use report RWVMIPAD to transfer article information to your vendors by electronic data interchange (EDI) on historical and forecast sales, current stock on-hand and current open order quantities (on-order). You can specify the sites and vendors for which you want to transfer data. If the system finds data requiring transfer, the report generates an IDoc of the message category PROACT for each vendor and site.

The vendorís system can now compare the open order quantity for an article with that in the customer system. The system uses the historical sales data to forecast future sales of the article for the customer. Alternatively, the customer can also transfer forecast sales data if a forecast was previously run. If the vendor is also the manufacturer of the article, the data can be used to plan and control production.


The following requirements must be met before sales and stock data can be transferred for an article:

You configure control profiles in Customizing. You can assign a vendor a control profile in the vendor master record at purchasing organization level. If you have maintained different data at another level, you can also enter a control profile there. It is possible to enter different data at the following levels:

The system first checks whether different data exists. If it does, the most precisely defined level is determined, in accordance with the sequence given above. If a control profile is maintained at this level, this profile is used. If a control profile is not maintained, the control profile at purchasing organization level is used. If a control profile is not defined at purchasing organization level either, the default control profile, which you can enter on the selection screen for the report, is used.

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