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A flow definition consists of individual flow steps. These steps include scheduling programs with variants in the job control of the SAP System, and interaction with users by email.

The flow definition ia a graphical summary of several steps. A step in the flow definition corresponds to a task in the task plan, except that the individual step does not appear directly in the task plan, rather it is displayed in the flow definition, which is included in the task plan.


The Schedule Manager provides a multilevel worklist. The multilevel worklist improves performance and facilitates error finding. To use the Schedule Manager worklist, create a flow definition and schedule it in the scheduler. For further information about this worklist, see Choosing Objects for Processing.


Workflow profiles enable you to adapt the user interface of the flow definition according to your requirements. If required, the project team can create and provide this type of profile. To make individual processing available as flow steps, you need a program which provides all the processing parameters and displays an ergonomic user interface.


If you are using the workflow builder function for the first time in the SAP System, go into Customizing and choose Basis ® Business Management ® SAP Business Workflow ® Maintain Standard Settings for the SAP Business Workflow and then Automatic Customizing.

For more information, see Creating a Flow Definition.

For more information on error handling in flow definitions, see: Error Handling.


You can define individual flow definitions with as many flow steps as you like, or you can link flow definitions together within an "upper" flow definition. You must assign the "upper" flow definition to an application (or application component) that is on a higher level than the applications assigned to the lower-level flow definitions.

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