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Shipping notifications that you receive from your vendors via EDI confirm the delivery dates and quantities of materials set out in your previously issued scheduling agreement releases or purchase orders. (Note that outside SAP shipping notifications may also be referred to as "advance shipping notices" (ASNs), "ship notes", "advice notes", or "despatch advices".)

The receipt of a shipping notification from your vendor via EDI causes an Inbound Delivery to be generated in your system.


Customizing and Application

You should set the following indicators in the confirmation sequence:

- MRP-relevant

- GR-relevant

- GR assignment

IDoc Interface

Parameters for Inbound Messages




Message category


Partner type

LI (vendor/creditor). In the ALE scenario (IDoc arrives from SAP system via tRFC): LS (logical system)

Process code

DELS (from Release 4.0, IDoc type DELVRY01)


Immediate processing

Authorized processor

Organizational unit (e.g. an SAP user)


In order to test your settings, you can generate an outbound IDoc using the Structure link Test Tool and subject this to inbound processing in your system. For more information on this topic, refer to Sending Shipping Notifications via EDI.


When a shipping notification is received via EDI, the system creates an inbound delivery with its own system document. If the inbound delivery was classified as MRP-relevant via the confirmation control key, the notified quantity of the material is taken into account in the MRP procedure.


Inbound deliveries generated automatically against shipping notifications cannot be changed manually in the PO or scheduling agreement. They can only be changed using the Change inbound delivery function.


For more information on inbound deliveries generated on the basis of shipping notifications received via EDI, refer to the MM Purchasing documentation (sections Structure link Confirmations from the Purchasing Viewpoint and Structure link Receiving Confirmations via EDI).




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