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This documentation describes how to size and tune Internet Transaction Server (ITS) installations in order to optimize performance and also provides recommendations about troubleshooting.

Implementation Considerations

If you want to give Internet and intranet users direct access to the R/3 System by enabling them to start SAP Internet applications based on the ITS infrastructure from a Web browser, you must install the ITS.


When you install the ITS, you must also install the required Web server and Web browser software.


This documentation describes some of the steps you can take to optimize ITS performance through sizing and tuning. This depends on your system landscape, which is determined by the installation type you choose and the number of ITS instances you create.

In particular, this documentation describes how to:

By calculating the likely total number of active users, you can use this information to:

When tuning an ITS installation, you need to be aware of important performance limiting factors such as memory allocation and CPU resources.

To optimize performance, you can use the monitoring functions provided by ITS Administration and then set appropriate performance and other parameters.

Additional Information

For information about ITS administration, monitoring and configuration, see the ITS Administration Guide.

For information about ITS service parameters and system variables, see ITS Service Parameters.

You can find this documentation at any of the following locations:

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