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This link involves the opposite of the Linking Accounting Document to Source Document. In the case of the link from the source document to the accounting document, a billing document (source document) is for example linked with an accounting document. If the accounting document is itself the source document of the business transaction, then no such link exists.

You can use the DRB to determine the link from the source document to the accounting document.


So that links can be defined for archived accounting documents you must create an information structure for field catalog SAP_FI_DOC_001 or SAP_FI_DOC_002. This must contain the field AWKEY.


You are advised always to include fields AWTYP and AWSYS if this is not the case already, otherwise these fields have to be determined direct from the archive, which may lead to a long runtime.

To speed up access to the information structure, you should create in addition a database index for the information structure used. Proceed as detailed in SAP Note 164704. Include the fields MANDT and AWKEY in the index.


You can also use the application-specific archive index (table ARIX_BKPF) for this link.

The link to the source document does not depend on whether the source document is in the archive or still in the database. What matters is whether the accounting document is archived.

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