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By scheduling routings, you can better control the lead times. When you create a routing, it is already possible to check the expected lead time and if necessary adjust the routing.

Routings are scheduled without reference to an order.

Proceed as follows to schedule a routing:

  1. Call up the operation overview for the routing.
  2. Choose Extras ® Scheduling ® Schedule.
  3. You reach the Scheduling dialog box.

  4. Maintain the data on the dialog box. The system proposes forward scheduling for the scheduling type.
  5. Choose Continue.
  6. You reach the Enter overview variant dialog box.

  7. Enter the overview variant you want to use to display the scheduling results. Choose Continue.
  8. The routing is scheduled. You reach the Schedule Overview screen containing the scheduling data.

  9. After the scheduling run has been carried out, you can display

You can also schedule all routings in a group at once. You can find further information on this topic in Updating the material master records

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