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What you can do if scheduling does not work or all operations are scheduled with a duration of zero

In the routing, check whether

To do this, position the cursor on the control key and press F4. Check if the scheduling indicator in the control key is selected for scheduling. (see Overview: Scheduling a Routing)

To do this, select the operation and the menu options Environment ® Operation ® Work center. You reach the basic data screen for the work center. Select the menu options Goto ® Scheduling and check whether a capacity category is maintained as a basis for scheduling. Also check whether formulas are maintained for calculating the execution time. For additional information about work center data, refer to the PP Work Centers guide.

For example, scheduling type "3" specifies for finite scheduling that the operation dates are to be taken from the order header and not scheduled.

In this case, the indicator Rework is set in the control key. An operation for rework in a routing cannot be scheduled because the rework quantity has not yet been determined. You get a value of "0" for all operation segments in scheduling. Only the operations in orders have dates.

What you can do if scheduling determines a different assembly scrap for various lot sizes of the same material

In this case, a rounding error has occurred when the system calculated the assembly scrap. Remove the rounding error by increasing the value for rounding decimal places in Customizing. To do this, choose the menu options Global Settings ® Check unit of measurement ® Units of measurement in Customizing and increase the value in the Decimal pl. rounding field.



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