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The operation dates can only be calculated if the operating times of the capacities are known in addition to the duration of the individual operation segments. In scheduling, each operation segment is lined up along the time axis according to the operating time of the capacity. The individual operation dates are determined from this distribution.

The operating time specifies when work is carried out at a work center. The calendar corresponding to the operating time defines working days and holidays. You can define the operating time per working day by specifying the start and finish of the work as well as the breaks.

The following rules apply to scheduling:

If no operating time has been maintained for a time interval, the system uses an operating time from 0:00 to 24:00.

Queue, Setup, Processing and Teardown

For the operation segments queue, setup, processing and teardown, the system uses the operating time per working day defined in the work center as well as the calendar of the work center or operation.

The operating time per working day is calculated in the work center based on the following data:

The capacity utilization rate is a percentage value which expresses the ratio between productive operating time and theoretical operating time. It reflects technical and organizational malfunctions. You can maintain the capacity utilization rate relevant to scheduling in capacity maintenance for the capacity category used as a scheduling basis.

The calendar in the work center has the highest priority. If you have not maintained a calendar in the work center, the calendar in the operation is used. If you have not maintained a calendar in the operation or the work center, the Gregorian calendar is used.


In work center maintenance, you maintain the operating time of a work center on the header screen for the capacity category used in scheduling.
Enter the capacity category used in scheduling on the Scheduling screen for the work center.

Wait Time

The wait time is scheduled without taking the factory calendar into account. This means that it can be scheduled daily from 0.00 to 24.00.

Move Time

The operating time for the move is determined using the parameters in the move time matrix. In the Calendar field, you can specify whether the system should use the operating time from the

Enter the shift start and shift finish in the move time matrix to determine the operating time per working day.

External Operations

For external operations, the delivery time is specified in days. These operations are scheduled based on the Gregorian calendar.


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