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The PRTs must have a master record in the system. According to the PRT category the following conditions have to be met additionally:


  1. In the operation overview of the routing select the operation you want to assign PRTs to.
  2. Choose Goto ® Prod.resources/tools.
  3. – If you have already assigned PRTs to this operation the PRT overview for the operation appears.

    In this case choose Edit ® New entries and the category of the PRT you want to assign.

    – If no PRTs have yet been assigned the dialog box for PRT with category Material appears.

    If you want to assign a PRT with a different category, choose the corresponding function key.

  4. Enter the PRT as well as the item number and the basic data for PRT assignment and choose Continue.
  5. If you want to assign more PRTs, choose Edit ® New Entries and the required PRT category. Continue as in step 3.
  6. After you have finished assigning PRTs, choose Back.

  7. Select the assigned PRTs on the PRT overview and enter additional data about the assignments as required.


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