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This procedure describes how you can link a document to a production resource/tool(PRT) with a PRT master record (miscellaneous).

For information about how to assign documents to the other PRT categories, see -


The document that you want to link the PRT with has been created in document management. Its document type permits it being assigned to PRTs (set up in Customizing) - see CA - Document Management Guide.


  1. On the R/3 main menu choose Logistics ® Production ® Master data ® Prod.resources/tools and then Prod.resources/tools ® PRT master (misc.) ® Change.
  2. Enter the PRT and choose Enter.
  3. On the Basic Data screen choose Sie Extras ® Document data
  4. Enter the data of the documents, which you want to link with the PRT. Choose Continue.
  5. Save the PRT.


The documents are now linked with the PRT. You can display and print them in the PRT master record.


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