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This procedure describes how you classify a production resource/tool(PRT) with a PRT master record (miscellaneous).

For information about how to classify the other PRT categories, see -


The class that you want to assign the PRT to, must have been created with the class type 009 Production resource/tool in the classification system, see CA - Classification System.


  1. On the R/3 main menu choose Logistics ® Production ® Master data ® Prod.resources/tools and then Prod.resources/tools ® PRT master (misc.) ® Change.
  2. Enter the PRT and choose Enter.
  3. On the Basic Data screen choose Goto ® Classification.
  4. Enter the class that you want to assign the PRT to. This class must belong to the 009 Production resource/tool class type
  5. Choose Edit ® Values.
  6. A list of class characteristics for the PRT class appears.

  7. Enter characteristic values that are valid for the PRT.
  8. Save the PRT.


The production resource/tool is assigned to a class. You can now find the PRT by searching for its characteristics or characteristic values.


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