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  1. On the R/3 main menu choose Logistics ® Production ® Master data ® Prod.resources/tools and then Prod.resources/tools ® PRT master (misc.) ® Create.
  2. Enter the relevant data on the initial screen and choose Enter.
  3. If you have entered a source to copy from on the initial screen, select the data to be copied now, and choose Continue.
  4. Enter the relevant data on the Basic Data screen
  5. Choose Goto ® Defaults and enter default values for the assignment of the production resource/tool (PRT) to operations.
  6. In case you want to take particular properties of the PRT into account in the formulas for total quantity and usage value, define the formulas as formula constants for the PRT. To do this, choose Extras ® Formula constants.

  7. If required, enter additional test for the PRT.
  8. – To create language dependent short texts, choose Extras ® Short text.

    – To create long texts, choose Extras ® Long text..

  9. Save the production resource/tool.


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