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  1. On the R/3 main menu choose Logistics ® Production ® Master data ® Prod.resources/tools and then Prod.resources/tools ® Equipment ® Create..
  2. Enter the relevant data on the initial screen.
  3. Use an equipment category that allows you to enter PRT data. In the standard system this is the equipment category P.

  4. Choose Enter.
  5. If you have entered a source to copy from on the initial screen, select the data to be copied now, and choose Continue.
  6. Enter the General Data.
  7. Choose PRT data, and enter the relevant data.
  8. Caution

    The production resource/tool receives the status Released automatically. If you want to lock it, for example because it is defective, choose Equipment ® Functions ® ProdRes/Tools ® Lock PRT.

  9. Enter further data on the other screens of the master record as required.
  10. Save the piece of equipment.

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